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Platinum 1000
The Platinum 1000 building is a high-rise building with mainly a white concrete facade the floors are made of alternating balconies with visible windows on recessed walls. The top floors seem to have a column of arrow-shaped glass panels that bisects the terraces into the left and right sections. Four cyan concrete pillars are visible, running through the balconies. The ground floor has a brown tile facade with an arc above the main entrance bearing the signage The Platinum 1. 16 Annapolis St., San Juan
Orient Mansion
The Orient Mansion is low-rise and L-shaped building with concrete and brick facade. Its walls are gray concrete while each floor, except for ground and second floors, are marked with a balcony with a red-orange brick barrier. The ground floor has plant box on one side of the main entrance and a Banco de Oro branch on the other side. The main entrance has protrusion above it on which the words ORIENT MANSION is attached. 118 Tordesillas St., Makati
Platinum 2000
Picture of Platinum 2000 taken as vertical panorama on the opposite side of Annapolis St. within short walking distance west of Columbia St. The building has white facade with three balconies on each floor, with the middle balcony wider than the other two in lower floors and concrete window protrution in upper floors. The wall of the recesses behind the balconies are light brown in color. The side has four sets of balconies on each floor on the lower floors. The topmost floors has smaller area, making them look like smaller buildings on top of a larger building. The ground floor has gray facade, with the main facade flanked by concrete columns and the words Platinum 2000 above it. 7 Annapolis St., San Juan
ADB Avenue Tower
ADB Avenue Tower as seen from Guadix Drive cor. ADB Ave. on the sidewalk adjacent to the Asian Development Bank compound. The building has a white facade with blue windows and steel balconies. In front, there are five pairs of windows and balconies, with more windows visible on the side. There are also gray outlines that seem to divide the tower into four sections. There is an open area level with four support columns between the podium levels and the lowest level with windows and balconies. Under this open area level, the words ADB Avenue Tower is seen in blue letters. The podium levels are made of two levels: the upper level has large blue glass windows, and the lower level has transparent glasses through which the lobby of the condominium can be seen. ADB Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City
AIC Gold Tower
The AIC Gold Tower is the white building with brown podium levels at the front center of this picture. It has several rectangular and semi-oblong recesses on the surface of its structure where the windows are located. Several adjacent buildings are partly visible on its side. This picture was taken from the pedestrian lane on the opposite side of Ortigas Ave. near Meralco's center gate. F. Ortigas Jr. Ave. cor. Garnet Road, Ortigas Center
The Peak Tower
Leviste St., Salcedo Village, Makati
8 Adriatico Tower
As seen from J. Bocobo St. near Padre Faura St. Padre Faura cor. J. Bocobo St. Malate
Mayfair Tower
U.N. Ave. cor. A. Mabini St., Ermita, Manila

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