Eastgate Centre

Situated on the southbound side of EDSA midway between Boni Avenue and Shaw Boulevard

address169 EDSA, Mandaluyong City 1550 [View Map]

telephone numberno data

How to commute to Eastgate Centre?

Please refer to: How to go to Paragon Plaza and Eastgate Centre?

Tenants and occupants of Eastgate Centre

CompanyUnit/FloorPhone Number*
Asian Gateway Group Development Inc.Unit 500533 3926
Eastgate Manpower Consultants, Inc. (EMCI)Unit M102533 6101
Eastgate Maritime Corp.2/F533 6101, 718 0187
Emir Holdings and Management CorporationUnit 500533 3926
RR Donnelley9/F859 1500

* All contact numbers have area code of +632

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