Rufino Pacific Tower

Address:6784 Ayala Avenue, Makati City 1226 [View Map]
Contact number:   (+632) 8811 0003
Building height:   200 meters
Number of floors:   41
Year completed: 1996

The Rufino Pacific Tower, often referred to as the Rufino Tower or Rufino Plaza, stands tall as an office skyscraper in Makati. Recognized as one of the tallest structures in the Philippines, it holds the distinction of being the nation’s tallest steel-framed edifice. Reaching an architectural height of 161 meters from the ground, the tower’s stature is further augmented by its eight-story radio tower, culminating in a total height of 200 meters. Notably, nestled within this towering marvel is the city’s pioneering “green & boutique” business center known as Little Green Hub. This space is dedicated to nurturing and supporting start-up and early-stage enterprises in Makati.

The skyscraper stands out with its gleaming blue-tinted windows that rise to a pronounced peak, tapering slightly upwards. Composed primarily of glass and steel, the tower boasts large, vertically-aligned windows, giving it a sleek and reflective facade that shimmers in the sunlight. The base of the building contrasts with its upper sections, featuring a semi-circular design and a generous use of glass that mirrors the surrounding cityscape. The tower’s contemporary design is accentuated by its grid-like pattern of windows and structural lines.

Located at the corner of Ayala Avenue and V. A. Rufino streets in Makati, the Rufino Pacific Tower is accessible via jeepneys, UV Express transports, and buses that ply Ayala Avenue. Alternatively, one can opt for taxis, Grab, or private cars. For those driving, the entry to the tower’s parking is situated on Dela Rosa Access Road 3.

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