Platinum 2000

Address:7 Annapolis St., Greenhills, San Juan City 1502 [View Map]
Contact number:   (+632) 8721-0526
Building height:   81 meters
Number of floors:   22

Platinum 2000 is a high-rise residential building develped by Antel Group of Companies. It located at the T-junction of Annapolis and Columbia St. 110 meters away from EDSA.

The building has a white facade with three balconies on each floor except the lower and the upper floors. The middle balcony is wider than the other two. The stories near the top have only two balconies. The wall of the recesses behind the terraces is light brown in color. The side has four sets of balconies on each floor on the lower floors. The topmost floors have a smaller area, making them look like a smaller building on top of a taller tower. The ground floor has a gray facade, with the main entrance flanked by concrete columns.

Jeepneys traverse Annapolis St. from EDSA to Greenhills and vice versa. The queue of these jeepneys near EDSA is within walking distance from MRT Santolan-Annapolis Station. You can also reach Platinum 2000 using taxies and Grab cars.

Posted on August 3, 2019 under Condominiums. Last updated on 22 Apr 2023. .

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