Platinum 2000

Situated at the T-junction of Annapolis and Columbia St. 110 meters away from EDSA.

address7 Annapolis St., Greenhills, San Juan City 1502 [View Map]

telephone number(+632)8721-0526

How to commute to Platinum 2000?

Ride a bus or MRT to travel to Annapolis St. From Annapolis corner EDSA, walk 110 meters westward, and you shall arrive in front of Platinum 2000. You don’t need to board the green jeepneys since the distance from EDSA to Platinum 2000 is too short.

Tenants and occupants of Platinum 2000

CompanyUnit/FloorPhone Number*
Multi-Fold Links, Inc.10th floor726 2637
ProSource International20th floor727 3948
SMDI Consultants, Inc.3rd floor753 8741
Virgin Coconut Oil Philippines8th floor727 3948

* All contact numbers have area code of +632

Posted on August 3, 2019 under Condominiums. Last updated on 03 Aug 2019. .

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