Terms and Conditions on using images

You can use any pictures in this website for whatever purpose provided that you give me due credit or acknowledgement as explained in the succeeding paragraphs below.

Use in print media

  • Include the following in the caption: “Source: tectonium.com”. It’s up to you on how you’re going to separate it from the other parts of the caption.

Use in another website

  • Include a link from the web page where you embedded the picture to the specific URL where you obtained the picture. For example, you use the picture of NAIA Terminal 2 at www.yourdomain.com/page2.htm, then on page2.htm, there must be something like Source: NAIA Terminal 2. Point the link to the specific page of the picture and not to the home page.
  • If used as a design element of the website’s theme or template, provide the link from the homepage or the “About” page.
  • If used as part of flash-based application embedded on the website, there must be a link outside the flash. That is, HTML-based link somewhere in the text surrounding the flash.
  • The link should not have a nofollow tag.
  • The link should not be hidden or invisible, e.g., in very small text, same color as the background, etc.

Use in television or movies

  • Show “tectonium.com” for at least 3 seconds. You may also show it in scrolling text together with other credits but it should last for 3 seconds.


  • Feel free to contact me if the medium at you will be using one of my pictures is not one of those mentioned above or to clarify some parts of this terms and conditions.