Regalia Park Towers

Address:150 P. Tuazon St., Cubao, Quezon City 1109 [View Map]
Contact number:   (+632) 3439 9467
Building height:   Tower A - 121 meters
Tower B - 121 meters
Tower C - 133 meters meters
Number of floors:   Tower A - 32
Tower B - 32
Tower C - 35
Year completed: 2019

Regalia Park Towers, a high-rise complex, is a mixed-use condominium developed by the Regalia Group Corporation. Comprising three towers, this development serves as a versatile urban space for both residential and commercial purposes.

The building has a modern architectural design featuring a mix of rectangular and polygonal sections, creating a distinctive geometric facade. It has numerous windows, some of which are grouped in sets that accent its corners, giving it a slightly tiered appearance. The color scheme is predominantly a shade of beige with blue-tinted windows.

Standing along Tuazon St. near its intersection with EDSA on the northbourd side, you can reach Regalia using the EDSA Carousel bus. You may deboard at the Cubao bus stop and walk northward to Tuazon. For those bringing their cars, parking spaces are available in the building.

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