About Tectonium

Tectonium is an almanac or directory of different buildings.

Formerly known as Metro Manila Buildings, my original aim for putting-up this website is to simply showcase the photos of different buildings and other urban sceneries that I personally shot. Having inspired by my other project, the church almanac Templorum, I decided to convert this website into a directory and gallery of buildings. For that reason, I will no longer post pictures without emphasis on one specific building. However, those non-building pictures already posted in Metro Manila Photos were grandfathered and can be found in this special section about urban sceneries.

I hope through this website, you will be able to find the building(s) that you need to visit or get in touch with its administrators or one of its lessors. You may also use the pictures I posted in this website subject to my Terms and Conditions on photo usage. Please visit it first and see if your intended usage is within the limitations I set. If not, please contact me to see if we could agree on certain alterations of the Terms and Conditions.

About the webmaster/owner

This website and all photos in it are owned by me, Greten Vicke Estella. I personally took all the photos in this website using my own digital cameras and gathered the information through my own intensive research.

I am science teacher by profession and currently working as an instructional designer. Taking photographs of buildings is a hobby that I enjoy because I admire building architecture and urban development; it also provides me an excuse to walk over long distances, which is the only exercise I can have as of the moment.