Platinum 1000

The Platinum 1000 building is a high-rise building with mainly a white concrete facade the floors are made of alternating balconies with visible windows on recessed walls. The top floors seem to have a column of arrow-shaped glass panels that bisects the terraces into the left and right sections. Four cyan concrete pillars are visible, running through the balconies. The ground floor has a brown tile facade with an arc above the main entrance bearing the signage The Platinum 1. Want to use this image? Click here

address16 Annapolis St., Greenhills, San Juan City 1502 [View Map]

telephone number(+632)8725-4070

Platinum 1000 stands along Annapolis St. adjacent to and south of its T-junction with Purdue St.

Platinum 1000 building is also known by the names Antel Platinum 1000 and The Platinum 1. “The Platinum 1” is what is written on the signage above its main entrance, while “Antel Platinum 1000” seems to be the most commonly used among the realtors who put up ads. I am using Platinum 1000 to avoid confusion with Antel Platinum Tower in Makati.

How to commute to the Platinum 1000?

Go to Annapolis St. using either the MRT or a bus that will pass through EDSA. From Annapolis corner EDSA, walk 230 meters westward to reach Platinum 1000. You might also want to ride the green jeepneys that travel through Annapolis from  Deco Centrum to Greenhills Shopping Center.

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