Times Plaza

Address:United Nations Avenue corner Taft Avenue, Ermita, Manila 1000 [View Map]
Contact number:   (+632) 8525-5509
Building height:   71 meters
Number of floors:   20
Year completed: 1999

Times Plaza is a high-rise building that serves as a multi-purpose space, with office and shop spaces available.

Viewed from the top, the shape of the building occupies an irregular hexagonal area where the two longest sides are joined by a rounded corner and aligned with the avenues United Nations (UN) and Taft. The building can be divided into two parts: the podium comprises the first six levels and occupies the entire hexagonal area. On top of the podium is the tower, which occupies about half of the hexagonal area and comprises the seventh and higher levels. The facade of both parts looks roughly the same: alternating horizontal bands on gray concrete and glass panels. The ground floor has transparent glass walls through which you can see the establishments inside the mall, which occupies the first three levels of the building.

Standing at the corner of Taft Avenue and UN Avenue, you can reach it using buses, jeepneys, and UV Express vehicles traversing Taft Avenue. It also has a connecting footbridge to LRT United Nation Avenue Station, making it easily accessible through LRT Line 1. The parking space entrance of Times Plaza is on its UN Avenue frontage for those who bring their own cars.

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paula yumul says:

Ask ko lng po kung may pay parking sa times plaza?

Greten says:

There is. The entrance is on UN Avenue side.

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