Santa Ana Hospital

Situated along New Panaderos St. between its intersections with Calderon St. and Lamayan St. (but closer to Lamayan St.)

address2629 New Panaderos Street, Santa Ana, Manila 1009 [View Map]

telephone number(+632) 516-6153, (+632) 516-6151

How to go to Santa Ana Hospital?

Board a jeepney along Taft Avenue that has “Pedro Gil” in the signage or ask the driver if they will pass by Pedro Gil St. before boarding. Then, disembark at Pedro Gil St. corner Taft Ave. You may also ride the LRT Line 1, leave the train at Pedro Gil station, and go to the sidewalk at the corner of Pedro Gil and Taft.

At Pedro Gil corner Taft, board a jeepney with “Sta. Ana” in the signage passing along Pedro Gil St. The jeepney will traverse the length of Pedro Gil St. until you can see Santa Ana Church straight ahead. It will then curve around Santa Ana Church before traversing the length of New Panaderos. At this point, watch the right side of the road as you are now very close to Santa Ana Hospital and will see it anytime soon. You may also request the driver to drop you at Santa Ana Hospital.

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