Providence Tower and Burgundy Transpacific Place

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Shown in this photo are the higher floors of two condominiums along Leon Guinto St. and near Estrada St. The one on left is the Providence Tower and one on right is Burgundy Transpacific Place. The shot was taken while standing along the Estrada St. sidewalk on the same side as St. Scholastica’s College.

The Providence Tower apparently rent its units. Their banners mentioned only “for rent”, but while searching for more information about this tower, I saw some ads stating that there are units for sale. It has Videooke Bar at the ground floor. On the other hand, Burgundy Transpacific Place has your usual condominium plan wherein a residential tower is built (or planned to be built in case of pre-selling), divided into units and is currently selling those units.

Posted on July 11, 2010 under Scenery. Last updated on 04 Aug 2013. .

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