Panorama TechnoCenter

Address:1029 EDSA, Veterans Village, Project 7, Quezon City 1105 [View Map]
Contact number:   (+632) 8374-3351
Building height:   68 meters
Number of floors:   18
Year completed: 2016

Panorama TechnoCenter is a PEZA-accredited high-rise building primarily used as an office. It was developed by Panorama Development Corporation. It has a gross leasable area of 32,858 square meters and a typical floor plate of 2,467 square meters.

The cube-like building has gray and white patterns that resemble Tetris blocks. Some of the darker sections of these shapes are made of glass panels and, thus, windows that those inside the building can use to view outside. On the other hand, the side of the building has a simpler concrete facade that divides neatly into dark and white sections, with some horizontal glass panels on the upper floors. The nine topmost floors also have balconies at the corner.

Along the southbound side of the northern segment of EDSA near Waltermart Muñoz and LRT Roosevelt Station, you can reach Panorama TechnoCenter using buses, jeepneys, or LRT.

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