Padilla Building

Situated on the southbound side of F. Ortigas Jr. (Emerald) Road 70 meters north of Ortigas Park.

address12 F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1605 [View Map]

telephone number(+632)8736-1011

Tenants and occupants of Padilla Building

CompanyUnit/FloorPhone Number*
Cuervo Appraisers. Inc.2nd floor8631 1645
Philippine Constructors Association, Inc.3rd floor8631 2778
Project Management Institute Philippines5th floor7966 6436
The Forum Institute for International Studies, Inc.Penthouse8637 4284

* All contact numbers have area code of +632

Posted on February 6, 2020 under Offices. Last updated on 11 Jan 2021. .

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