Madrigal Business Park

The Madrigal Business Park is a business hub situated within the Ayala Alabang district of Muntinlupa City in Metro Manila. Situated along Alabang-Zapote road at around two kilometers (2 km) away from South Luzon Expressway, this business hub has a total area of approximately 27.3 hectare.

Madrigal Business Park is divided into two wings by the Alabang-Zapote Road itself. The north wing is the area north of Alabang-Zapote Road. It is the smaller of the two wings with an area of approximately 7.34 hectares. The south wing, which is on the southern side of Alabang-Zapote Road, has an area of 20 hectares. The north wing is enclosed by Don Manolo Boulevard and Venture St. while the south wing is enclosed by Madrigal Ave., Commerce Ave., and Investment Drive.

How to commute to Madrigal Business Park?

The jeepneys that traverse the Alabang-Zapote Road usually end in either Baclaran area in Paranaque or at Muntinlupa City Public Market in Alabang, Muntinlupa near South Luzon Expressway. If you are starting at Muntinlupa City Public Market, then you will be able to find jeepneys travelling along Alabang-Zapote Road going to Baclaran, and vice-versa.

Regardless of where they start, these jeepneys will definitely pass through Madrigal Business Park unless there is a heavy traffic, flood or some other scenarios wherein the driver is forced to make a detour.

Some of the buildings within Madrigal Business Park that are visible as seen from Alabang-Zapote Road are Citibank Frabelle in the north wing, and Ayala Life – FGU Center and Richville Corporate Tower in the south wing. Watch-out if you saw any of these buildings.

Coming from Muntinlupa City Public Market

  • If you saw buses with Alabang signage in EDSA, or Alabang via Skyway in Taft Avenue, Quirino Avenue or Sergio Osmeña Highway in Manila, these buses will pass by Muntinlupa City Public Market. When the conductor say that you are already in Alabang, it means either you are in front of Muntinlupa City Public Market or within short walking distance from it.
  • In Muntinlupa City Public Market, there is a terminal of jeepneys going to Baclaran. Some jeepney also bear the sign Madrigal or Madrigal Business Park. For those jeepneys that do not bear any of these, you can ask the driver if they will pass by Madrigal just to be sure. Some jeepneys do not fall-in-line in the terminal and instead just pass along the road in front of the market. You may also ride one of these instead if you’re in hurry.
  • Sometimes, the buses bearing the Alabang signage do not pass-by Muntinlupa City Public Market. Instead, they will take a detour and allow passengers to go off-board at South Station. Just proceed to the front entrance of South Station where a KFC branch is situated and you will see some jeepneys passing-by. These are the same jeepneys that came from Muntinlupa City Public Market. Just board one of them.
  • After passing through some roads, the jeepney will eventually traverse Alabang-Zapote Road heading to Baclaran. You will know that you are already within the vicinity of Madrigal Business Park when you saw a Shell gasoline station with a stone signage written Madrigal Business Park. Where you actually go off-board depends on which building or location within Madrigal Business Park you want to visit.

Coming from Baclaran area

  • The jeepneys going to Alabang have terminal along Roxas Boulevard near the Redemptorist Church. You will see the word Alabang in their signage. Some jeepneys with Alabang signage do not use the terminal, but instead freely moving along Roxas Boulevard. Board any of these jeepneys.
    • You can go to this terminal by riding those buses travelling along Taft Avenue with Baclaran in their signage. They turn-right to either Gil Puyat Ave. or EDSA and then turn left to Roxas Boulevard. You can then off-board the bus at Redemptorist Church and you will immediately see the terminal.
    • You may also ride LRT Line 1 going to Baclaran, but upon leaving the LRT Baclaran station, you still need to walk along Redemptorist Road towards Roxas Boulevard.
  • When you are already travelling along Alabang-Zapote Road (you will know if you saw landmarks like Lozada Market and SM Las Piñas, which come first before Madrigal Business Park), you will know that you are within the vicinity of Madrigal Business Park if you saw Honda Cars Alabang on your right and Alabang Medical Center on your left.
  • Baclaran area is way farther from Madrigal Business Park as compare to Muntinlupa City Public Market or South Station. Unless you are conveniently near Baclaran, I would suggest you take the route wherein you will be coming from Muntinlupa City Public Market.

Buildings and locations in Madrigal Business Park

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