GMA Network Center

Address:EDSA corner Timog Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City 1103
Contact number:   no data

How to commute to GMA Network Center?

GMA Network Center is situated at the corner of Timog Avenue and EDSA. TImog Avenue ends at EDSA; the road that seems to be its continuation on the other side of EDSA is actually East Avenue. You can go to GMA Network Center using a bus that is or will pass through EDSA.

  • If you are traversing the EDSA southbound lane, take a Bus B bus and alight at Kamuning Bus Stop B. This bus stop is right in front of GMA Network Center.
  • If you are traversing the EDSA northbound lane, you can disembark at the corner of EDSA and East Avenue and then cross to the other side to go to GMA Network Center. This is not an official bus stop so you have to inform the driver or conductor in advance that you intend to disembark there. There is a pedestrian lane under the flyover that you can use to cross from the northbound side to the southbound side.
  • If you are coming from Commonwealth Avenue, board one of those buses that has “Via EDSA” in the signage. It will pass through East Avenue before turning left to EDSA. Disembark at the corner of EDSA and East Avenue and then cross to the other side by using the pedestrian lane under the flyover.

If you will be using MRT, just disembark at MRT GMA-Kamuning Station and exit the station at the southbound side.

Occupants of GMA Network Center

CompanyUnit/FloorPhone Number*
GMA Worldwide Inc.10/F928 5072
GMA Marketing & Productions, Inc.15/Fno data

* All contact numbers have area code of +632

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