Eton Centris

Eton Centris is a mixed-used community project by Eton Properties Inc., located at the corner of EDSA and Quezon Avenue in Diliman, Quezon City. It’s 12-hectare area includes a mall, strip dinings, office buildings, and residential condominiums.

To reach Eton Centris, you can use MRT Line 3 or buses that traverses EDSA. You can also board jeepneys along Quezon Avenue.

Metro Railway Transit (MRT)

Ride MRT and disembark at MRT Quezon Avenue station. The station is connected to Centris Station, the mall within Eton Centris.

Bus along EDSA

You may also ride a bus on the northbound side of EDSA if you are coming from Makati or Mandaluyong area. You may ride those buses with words “Monumento”, “Novaliches”, “Malanday”, “Malinta”, or “UE Letre” in the signage, and avoid those with word “Fairview”. Inform the conductor in advance that you intend to disembark at Eton Centris because sometimes, they will use the fly over in front of it preventing you from disembarking.

If you are coming from areas along northern EDSA such as Monumento, Balintawak, Project 7, and Project 8, ride a bus along EDSA heading to the south: any of the buses heading to Cubao, Ortigas, Mandaluyong, Makati, Alabang, or MOA (SM Mall of Asia) will do. Then alight somewhere between PWU-JASMS and Napolcom Building; where exactly you can alight varies depending on the traffic and whether the bus will use the flyover or not. Then, walk towards Quezon Avenue and use the footbridges to cross to the opposite corner to Centris Station.

Jeepney along Quezon Avenue

If you are coming from Fairview area, Commonwealth Avenue, or Quezon City Circle, take a jeepney that has labels “West Avenue”, “Araneta”, “Santo Domingo”, “Banawe”, or “Welcome” in their signage. Ask first if they will use the EDSA Underpass. If they will, then don’t ride that jeepney because you will not ne able to disembark at Eton Centris. Shortly before turning right from Quezon Avenue to EDSA, alight the jeepney. Then, use the footbridge to go to Centris Station.

If you are coming from Manila, or from the Scout Areas or Sta. Mesa Heights in Quezon City, ride a jeepney with “Fairview” and “MRT” in the signage along España Ave. or Quezon Ave. The “MRT” in signage is important as it indicates that the jeepney will not use the EDSA Underpass. If no MRT is in the signage or just to be sure, ask the driver if they will use EDSA Underpass. If they will, then don’t ride that jeepney. The jeep will eventually turn right to EDSA, then make a U-turn to the other side of EDSA, and then turn right again to Quezon Avenue. Shortly after turning right to Quezon Ave., alight the jeep and walk southward to go to Centris Station or some other parts of Eton Centris.

Note that all buses and UV Express vehicles along Quezon Avenue pass through the EDSA underpass; you will miss Eton Centris if you use them.

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