Cyberscape Beta

Cyberscape Beta as seen from ADB Avenue. It is a tall building with a concrete facade and with windows forming a seven-column formation. The five columns of middle windows are surrounded by a dark gray wall, while the columns on the side are surrounded by a lighter shade of gray. The ground floor has entrances that are partly visible in this photograph. The second to sixth floors have windows that are made of steel railings, with the ones on the sixth floor being taller than others. These floors are possibly parking floors and machine room floors. The upper floors have rectangular glass windows. The logo of Robinsons Land Corporation, a red curly uppercase letter R on a blue square is seen on the left of the building, with the words CYBER BETA on the right of the logo. There's also a small protruding platform on top of the building right of the letters BETA. Want to use this image? Click here

addressTopaz and Ruby Roads, Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1600 [View Map]

telephone number(+632)397-1888

Has frontage on both the parallel Topaz and Ruby roads midway between Garnet Road and Opal Road.

How to commute to Cyberscape Beta?

The first step is to go to Robinsons Galleria in Ortigas. Leave Robinsons Galleria through the exit facing ADB Avenue. If you do not want to enter Robinsons Galleria or it is close, you can walk along P. Poveda Road on the south side of Robinsons; it runs from EDSA to ADB Avenue.

Cross to the other side of ADB Avenue and go to Garnet Road. It forms a continuous path with P. Poveda Road, but if you are coming from inside Robinsons Galleria, you have to walk southward along ADB Avenue for a little bit before you can see it.

Walk due southeast along Garnet Road, and take a right turn to either Topaz Road or Ruby Road depending on which entrance you would like to enter. Cyberscape Beta lies at 120 meters away from Garnet Road along Ruby Road, and 160 meters away from Garnet along Topaz Road.

Tenants and occupants of Cyberscape Beta

CompanyUnit/FloorPhone Number*
Acquire BPO Pty. Ltd.37th floor667 6800
IQ-EQ Group16th floor886 2101
Isupport Worldwide12th floor656 2061
Shore Solutions Inc.33rd floor878 1500
SQME Professionals, Inc.22nd floor687 0133

* All contact numbers have area code of +632

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