Asian Century Center

The Asian Century Center is a mid-rise building with a blocky appearance. Its appearance can be described as alternating rows of concrete walls and viewing ports. The upper floors have viewing ports made of glass windows, while the lower levels, except the ground floor, have viewing ports made of steel railings through which the support columns are visible. Plants in the foregrounds cover the ground floor, but its glass walls are still visible. A gray diagonal steel beam covers what appears to be a high ceiling floor between the topmost floor with steel railings and the lowest floor with glass windows. This diagonal steel bends upward and covers a small part of the floors with glass windows extending to the top of the building. This picture was shot while standing across 3rd Avenue near the curved passage connecting it to Rizal Drive. Want to use this image? Click here

address27th Street corner 3rd and 4th Avenues, Crescent Park West, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City 1634 [View Map]

telephone numberno info

Occupies one side of the segment of 27th St. between 3rd and 4th Avenues. Its 3rd Ave. frontage is across Crescent South Parking Lot.

How to commute to Asian Century Center?

The nearest bus stop to Asian Century Center is the Net One bus stop. To reach this bus stop from outside Bonifacio Global City, go to either of the following:

Alight at Net One bus stop; from this bus stop, walk due north along 3rd Avenue cross 27th St. to reach Asian Century Center. If the entrance you need to use is the one facing 4th Avenue, walk due east along 27th St. until you reach the next intersection.

Tenants and occupants of Asian Century

CompanyFloorPhone Number*
CSS Corp.19thno info
Infor PSSC, Inc.16th-17th7946 8000

* All contact numbers have area code of +632

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