How to go to SM Megamall and nearby buildings?

The SM Megamall can serve as hub to different locations within Ortigas Central Business District. You can reach it using either bus or MRT.

Buses along EDSA

Ride any bus that goes through EDSA. Both Buses A and B stops at SM Megamall, which lies at the northbound side.

  • If you are traversing the northbound lane, the bus will enter SM Megamall’s bus bay at Building A.  Ask the conductor if they will stop at SM Megamall because sometimes they do not enter the bus bay. If you inform them and they intend to not stop at the bus bay, they will drop you by the loading/unloading station in front of SM Megamall B.
  • If your bus is traversing the southbound lane, inform the conductor or the driver to drop you at MRT Ortigas Station. This is not an official bus stop, but the buses will drop you there if you told them. They will sometimes ask people if anyone intends to disembark at “MRT” after crossing Ortigas Avenue; the MRT they refer to is this station. Then, use the pedestrian overpass that is built with the station to cross to the other side and walk towards SM Megamall A.

Using Metro Railway Transit (MRT)

If you decided to use MRT, you must disembark at Ortigas Station. This station has a deceptive name as it’s not really close to EDSA. It’s in front of St. Pedro Poveda College and much close to SM Megamall than to Ortigas. From here, you can walk towards SM Megamall A.

From SM Megamall, the following locations are within walking distance:

Posted on December 8, 2013. Last updated on 05 Jan 2014.
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