How to go to Paragon Plaza and Eastgate Centre

The Paragon Plaza and Eastgate Centre are two buildings situated on the opposite sides of EDSA, the former at the northbound side and the latter at the southbound side. Being situated along EDSA, in theory it should not be difficult to get to either of these buildings. All you need to do is to ride a bus that will travel along EDSA.

The difficulty lies in the fact that both buildings are situated almost midway between Shaw Boulevard and Boni Avenue, the two intersections with access to MRT stations and official MMDA designated bus stops.

Using a bus that will pass through EDSA, inform the driver or the conductor to drop you at Reliance St. Remember that keyword, “Reliance St.”. It is the street whose corner with EDSA the Paragon Plaza is situated. It is not an official bus stop but the conductor would usually ask or announce if anyone intends to disembark at Reliance St. and the bus will stop if anyone answered that they will. However, to be sure, just inform the conductor in advance.

Disembarking at Reliance St. means disembarking right in front of either Paragon Plaza or Eastgate Centre depending on which side of EDSA the bus you just left is moving. If you alighted at one side but wish to go to the building at the other side, there is a footbridge that connects the sidewalks in front of these two buildings.

If you want to use the Metro Railway Transit (MRT), the nearest station is the Boni Station. It will be a long walk to the north (393 meters or 1288 feet) but at least it is considerably closer than MRT Shaw Boulevard Station, which is 600 meters (1967 feet) away from Reliance St.

Posted on January 1, 2014. Last updated on 05 Jan 2014.
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