How to go to EDSA corner Boni Avenue?

The intersection of EDSA and Boni Avenue is a well-known hub that allows commuters to go to several other parts of Mandaluyong City. The area around it is generally referred to as Boni. The Boni Avenue extends only from the southbound side of EDSA. The narrower road that seems to be its continuation on the northbound side is known as Pioneer St.

The MRT station situated a few meters north of Boni Ave. and Pioneer St. is called the MRT Boni Station, while the nearest bus stops on either sides are called Pioneer/Boni Bus Stop B. Boni and Pioneer are connected by a long tunnel that goes under EDSA. It’s not practical for pedestrians to walk through this tunnel so the only means to go from one side of EDSA to the other is through the pedestrian footbridge that is attached to MRT Boni Station.

To go to EDSA-Boni intersection, you can use the following modes of transporation:

  • Use a bus that will pass through EDSA. Board either Bus B or Bus C, but preferrably Bus B. Disembark at Pioneer/Boni bus station.
  • Use MRT and alight the train at MRT Boni Station.

The bus station and MRT station on the same side are within walking distance from one another. They are also within walking distance from the following buildings:

Posted on December 17, 2013. Last updated on 05 Jan 2014.
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