How to go to Taft – Pablo Ocampo intersection?

The intersection of Pablo Ocampo St. (formerly, and sometimes still referred to as Vito Cruz) and Taft Avenue is a major hub that serves at gateway to CCP Complex and several other places within its vicinity. There are two ways to go to this intersection.

  • Take the LRT Line 1 and disembark the train at LRT Vito Cruz Station. From the LRT station, walk southward along Taft Avenue. The first intersection that you will encounter is the intersection of P. Ocampo St. and Taft Avenue. There are also pedicabs waiting at the ground under the LRT station. Depending on where you’re going, you might want to hire one of them instead of walking.
  • Board a jeepney traversing Taft Ave. Note that not all jeepneys along Taft Avenue will pass through this intersection even if they have “Vito Cruz” in their signage. The signage that ensures that the jeepney will pass through this intersection is “La Salle” (referring to De La Salle University, which stands very close to this intersection), or you could simply ask the driver if the jeepney will pass through this intersection.

The most recognizable landmarks that you’re already in this intersection are the Jollibee – Vito Cruz branch and the Torre Lorenzo Residences.

From here, the following buildings are accessible by walking or by riding a pedicab:

The following are accessible by riding a pedicab or those orange CCP PUVs with terminal in front of Rizal Memorial Stadium. You can still walk towards them but it will be a much longer walk.

Posted on December 7, 2013. Last updated on 05 Jan 2014.
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