How to go to EDSA corner Ortigas?

The intersection of EDSA and Ortigas Avenue serves as gateway not just to different locations within Ortigas Central Business District, but also to several other places like Greenhills and Tiendesitas. The landmarks that you are already in this intersection are the EDSA Shrine and Robinsons Galleria, POEA Blas Ople Building, and Eton Cyberpod. The fourth corner is an enclosed construction site but I have no idea what is being constructed there. These four corners are connected by a network of pedestrian footbridges.

You can go to this intersection through the following methods:

Buses along EDSA

Board a Bus B or C along EDSA (preferably Bus B) and alight the bus at either POEA (Blas Ople Building) or Robinsons Galleria, depending on which side of the road your bus is traversing.

It is important to verify with the conductor or driver if they will use the flyover to cross Ortigas Avenue or not. If they will use the flyover, it will not be possible to disembark at either POEA or Robinsons Galleria and you need to take a long walk from where the bus allowed you to disembark.

In theory, all Bus B or C buses should stop in front of POEA or Robinsons Galleria but for some weird reasons, buses seem to have leeway on whether to use the flyover or not regardless of their letters.

Metro Railway Transit (MRT) along EDSA

Take the MRT and disembark the train at MRT Ortigas Station and exit on the northbound side. Then, walk (around 524 meters) from this station to Robinsons Galleria if you exit on the northbound side, or to POEA if you exit on the southbound side.

To avoid the long 524-meter walk, you can also exit the MRT train at either Santolan-Annapolis Station or Shaw Boulevard Station, depending if you’re coming from the north or the south of EDSA-Ortigas intersection respectively. Then, board a bus as discussed in the previous section.

GLiner Buses along Ortigas Avenue

Use one of the GLiner buses that travel Manila, San Juan City, Ortigas Avenue, and some areas in Rizal Province. These buses traverse Ortigas Ave. and cross EDSA on their regular route whether the bus is bound to San Juan or to Rizal Province. You can disembark in front of POEA, Robinsons Galleria, or Eton Cyberpod.

From this intersection, the following buildings are within short walking distance:

The following buildings are along or near ADB Avenue. Your options is to go inside Robinsons Galleria and leave through its ADB Avenue exit. You can also walk along P. Poveda Road at around 313 meters or 1028 feet:

Posted on December 8, 2013. Last updated on 06 May 2018.
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