CCP Complex

Constructed during the Marcos Era on a reclamation area in Pasay City (with a very small narrow area being part of Manila), the CCP Complex was meant to be the center of arts and culture.

Aside from the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) from which the entire complex was named, it also includes several facilities that are used in theatrical arts such as Folk Arts Theater and Manila Film Center. Other well-known places that are within CCP Complex are Hotel Sofitel Philippine Plaza, Coconut Palace, and Star City.

The reclamation area that started with the development of CCP Complex eventually expanded to the development of Mall of Asia Complex and Aseana City.

How to commute to CCP Complex?

The are orange vehicles that goes around the various street of CCP Complex. Their terminal is in front of Rizal Memorial Stadium along Pablo Ocampo St. in Malate, Manila.

Part I: How to go to Rizal Memorial Stadium

To go to this terminal, you can choose to ride LRT or take a jeep.

  • If you choose LRT, exit the train at LRT Vito Cruz station. The LRT Station is not exactly at Vito Cruz (old name of P. Ocampo St.) and you need to take a short walk along Taft Avenue and turn left to P. Ocampo St.
  • If you are riding a jeepney coming from the south (Baclaran, EDSA, Libertad, Gil Puyat Ave.), look for those jeepneys that are heading to Lawton or Divisoria and tell the driver to drop you at Jollibee-Vito Cruz. If you’re coming from the north (Divisoria, Quiapo, Sta. Cruz, Lawton, Ermita), ride a jeepney going to La Salle (DLSU) and inform the driver to drop you at Vito Cruz.

From here, you will see Torre Lorenzo I at the corner of P. Ocampo St. and Taft Ave. Rizal Memorial Stadium is situated on the side of Torre Lorenzo.

Walk towards Rizal Memorial Stadium and you will find orange public utility vehicle (PUV) there that travels around CCP Complex.

Part 2: The route of orange CCP Complex PUV

Board the orange PUV. They are in-line so you must board the one at the front or the one that is actively fetching passengers at the moment. Once the vehicle is full, it will start moving (sometimes, they move without filling-up if there are very few passengers).

Please open this map [map] to see the route that is regularly traversed by the orange PUV.

The following buildings are within CCP Complex. Some of them are along the route while others require you to walk a short distance after disembarking. Please refer to the maps accompanying each building to determine where exactly they lie along the path of orange PUV.

The route of the orange vehicle are as follows:

  1. It will travel along Pablo Ocampo St. passing by Century Park HotelLegaspi Tower, and Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas.
  2. Cross the Roxas Boulevard as it enters the CCP Complex.
  3. Travel along Pedro Bukaneg (which connects in straight line with Pablo Ocampo) passing by ASEAN Garden and Cultural Center of the Philippines.
  4. Turn left as it pass by Folk Arts Theater.
  5. Turn right to Vicente Sotto St. passing by Philippine International Convention Center (PICC).
  6. Take a U-turn at the small elliptical road at the end of Vicente Sotto St. passing by Coconut Palace and Hotel Sofitel Philippine Plaza.
  7. Travel along Vicente Sotto St. to the direction opposite that of (5), passing in front of PICC again.
  8. Turn left to Magdalena Jalandoni passing by Star City.
  9. Turn right to Pedro Bukaneg.
  10. From here, it’s the opposite direction of (3), (2) and (1) going back to Rizal Memorial Stadium.

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