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Greenfield Tower
The Greenfield Tower is a tall blocky building with a facade made of blue glasses and gray concrete. Its sides have alternating horizontal stripes of glass and concrete, while the middle has patterns of square and rectangular glasses on what is otherwise a gray concrete surface. Some of the lower floors have concrete facade only instead of horizontal stripes, with the glass part only at the middle above the main entrance. The main entrance has a protruding cover. The ground floor is recessed and seems to have a smaller area as compared to the rest of the floors. Concrete pillars and transparent glasses make up the facade of the ground floor. Mayflower St. cor. William St., Mandaluyong
The Trade and Financial Tower
The upper floors of The Trade and Financial Tower have a rectangular-shape overall structure. From the Track 30th, where this shot was taken, the side that can be seen here has a facade made of green glass windows divided by vertical maroon and white segment. The top two floors have white horizontal protruding segments above, below, and between them. The lower levels with the wider area also have white horizontal segments between them. The top two among these floors have the same green glass windows, the ground floor has transparent glass walls, and the levels between them have walls made of maroon concrete. 7th Ave. cor. 32nd St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
88 Corporate Center
The tower of 88 Corporate Center has a facade made of blue glasses that forms a fork on the top. In the middle of the fork is a part of the building that has a concrete facade with small square windows. The lower levels of 88 Corporate Center on the side shown here is a podium structure on which the tower is mounted. The podium levels have several rectangular windows that seem to be open-air indicative of a parking level. However, the glass facade of the tower extends to the right side of the lower levels, and is partly seen in this picture. Sedeño cor Valero St., Makati
Anson’s Center
The Anson's Center in Ortigas Center is rectangular with a facade of green glass windows. There are segments of gray concrete that divides the floor, but the higher floors have fewer of these concrete segments and more of the glass surface. The word Anson's in red signage is between the second and the third concrete segment from the ground. 23 ADB Ave., Ortigas, Pasig
Cyberpark Tower Two
The Cyberpark Tower 2 is a rectangular building with a curving front and back surface. Its facade is made of stripes of alternating rows of white concrete and green glass panel windows. On the upper part on the right side is a protruding square section that seems like several levels of verandas. This picture was taken from EDSA cor. Tuazon Boulevard. A white wall with plants crawling on it obscures the lower levels of Cyberpark Tower 2. General Araneta Ave., Cubao
The Finance Center
The Finance Center is a high-rise building with a facade of several glass panels on all sides. Its wider sides have the shape of a rectangle, while the narrower sides have the shape of an eye that was reoriented to 90 degrees. The letters 3M, with 3 in red and M in black, can be seen on the top part of the wall on one of the wider sides. 26th St. cor. 9th Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Philippine Stock Exchange Tower
The Philippine Stock Exchange Tower is an L-shape building with one segment along 28th St., and the other segment is parallel to 5th Avenue but further inward. Most of the floors are made covered with arrays of blue glass windows. There is a black stripe near the top that looks like made of steel, possibly a mechanical room. The glass windows above it are blue-green/ The top of the building is diagonal, with letters PSE on the largest part. The upper podium floors below the L-shaped structure has a steel-like facade, with flat-screen monitors mounted on it displaying the stock market. The ground floor has visible cylindrical pillars, with the glass walls in the recess behind these pillars. 5th Ave. cor. 28th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Insular Life Building
This photograph shows the back of Insular Life Building, as seen from Valero St. parallel to Valero Access Road 3 near Sedeño St. The upper floors building has a metallic gray facade of vertical strips, with windows narrowly visible between them. It looks like it is C-shape with the concavity facing this view, and has a blocky rectangular shaft inside this cavity. The lower floors look dark with few lights, possibly a parking space, block by metallic mesh colored in stripes of green and white. The ground floor looks similar to lower levels except that it is no longer covered by the metallic mesh. Ayala Ave. cor. Paseo de Roxas, Makati

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