Annapolis St., San Juan City

The Annapolis St. in San Juan City is somewhat of a small scale business district. If you’re coming from EDSA, the right side has rows of skyscrapers and high-rise buildings while the left side has restaurants, a mall, and other establishments. The buildings on the right are office buildings, condominiums, and hotels.

Step 1: Go to Annapolis St. via EDSA

Map showing Annapolis St. and its T-junction with EDSA. EDSA is at an angle slightly tilted from the north-south line, while Annapolis St. forms 90 degrees angle on the right of EDSA. The map shows Deco Centrum building at the north corner of EDSA and Annapolis, and MRT Santolan-Annapolis Station along EDSA north of Deco Centrum. The V. V. Soliven Building is situated south of Annapolis St. near but not at the exact corner of Annapolis and EDSA. The V. V. Soliven bus stop A is adjacent to V. V. Soliven Building, while the Boni Serrano bus stop A is across it. The spot along Annapolis where jeepneys form a queue is also marked here adjacent to Deco Centrum.Unless you’re coming from around this area, you need to go to the T-junction of EDSA and Annapolis Steet to visit any of these buildings. You can use either MRT or city buses along EDSA.

Bus along EDSA

Ride a bus that will pass through EDSA-Santolan. Take bus A since the bus stops closest to Annapolis St. are bus A.

  • If you’re coming from the south, disembark at Boni Serrano bus stop A, use the MRT Santolan-Annapolis Station to cross to the other side, and walk towards Annapolis St. Note that despite its name, Boni Serrano bus stop is approximately 650 meters south of Boni Serrano Ave. This bus stop is situated south of Annapolis St. while Boni Serrano Ave. is situated north of it.
  • If you are coming from the north, the bus stop closest to Annapolis is the V.V. Soliven bus stop A. From there, walk 200 meters northward towards Annapolis St.

Via Metro Railway Transit (MRT)

If you are taking MRT, disembark the train at Santolan-Annapolis station. Exit the MRT Station on the southbound side.

Step 2: Walk or board a jeepney along Annapolis St.

A green jeepney is shot at angle where you can see most of its right side and some of its front. The signage on the side on a yellow background read as: Greenhills Shopping Center, Florida Missouri via Connecticut Unimart, Annapolis, MRT, Gate-5. There are also labels GSC JODA - Greenhills Shopping Center Jeepney Operator's Driver's Association (sic) and Lawin Motors on the side under the yellow signage. The signage in front also on yellow background read as: Greenhills Shopping Center, Annapolis, Gate-5. There's also a big sign Mary Mediatrix above the driver's viewing window.Along Annapolis St. near EDSA, there’s a queue of green jeepneys with signage “Greenhills Shopping Center”, “Annapolis”, “MRT”, and “Gate 5”. Depending on the distance of the building from EDSA, and also some other factors like the climate and whether you are not yet tired from walking, you can board the first jeepney in this queue or walk along Annapolis St. to reach your destination.

The route of these jeepneys ends at the Annapolis entrance of Greenhills Shopping Center. They also form a queue there for those going back to EDSA.

Posted on June 8, 2019. Last updated on 16 Jun 2019.
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